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Purchasing stock from Alpine Treemovals is just the beginning of our service, we offer full after sales service and additional services that include the following:

Planting Service 

Mature trees require more than simple planting techniques to ensure their wellbeing. Our planting service includes specialised machinery, highly trained staff, and our vast experience to assist customers in planting their purchases from our nursery.

Transplanting Services

We aim to salvage beautiful specimen trees that are irreplaceable in terms of size, age and beauty, ensuring their continued wellbeing. Our service is available for onsite and offsite transplanting.

Onsite Transplanting 

Onsite transplanting is for moving trees from one position to another on the same property. Mainly this is used when redesigning established gardens or moving a precious specimen away from demolition and repositioning it once the new development is complete.
Offsite Transplanting:
Offsite transplanting is for moving trees to a new location, often to protect them from the dangers involved when a site is being redeveloped. In some cases the trees will be transported to our nursery and agisted until required. If the tree is not required back, it then becomes part of the nursery stock for sale. This enables us to provide a continued life for the trees in a suitable environment.

Onsite Nursery Set-up 

As a follow on from our on site transplanting service, we also offer our clients the opportunity to have a temporary nursery setup on their site when specimens are transplanted. This relieves the client of the additional maintenance and costs involved in transplanting trees off site and back. Our staff will assist in setting up irrigation and provide a maintenance plan. Once the site is ready, trees are replanted in the new location.

Agistment Services

As an added service, we are happy to provide agistment service for trees that are required to be maintained off-site. Once the trees are transplanted to our site, our experienced staff will manage and closely monitor the recovery of the trees, and prepare them to be transplanted back to the original site.

Consultation Services 

Our team consists of highly qualified horticulturists, and we happy to offer a full consultation service for all aspects of your garden or project. This team is led by Maroun Maait, and as a qualified Landscape Designer, he will be happy to assist with all enquiries and offer his expertise when selecting stock for your garden.

Plant Hire 

In addition to trees sales, our trees are available for hire via our recommended consultants. We regularly hire plants out for film productions, including high profile movies and television commercials, special corporate events, elaborate weddings and private functions. Our trees create depth, atmosphere and dimension to any room or outdoor setting

Australian Standards Testing 

We at Alpine Treemovals, grow our stock to the Australian Standard and pride ourselves on the quality of our stock. We offer the service to conduct tests on stock to meet the Nursery quality certificate as per AS2303. 

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