Buxus - - Semi-mature and mature Buxus microphylla var japonica (ball)

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Buxus microphylla var japonica (ball) - Japanese Box





Japanese Islands

Plant Type:

Evergreen shrub or small tree


: 2 - 3m x 2 - 3m, usually much smaller.

Habit/ Form:

A broad bun shaped shrub, usually clipped.


Opposite, obovate to obcordate, 15-20mm x 10 - 15mm, (apex pointed or notched) shiny bright green in the growing season aging to dark green.


The small apetalous flowers are produced in the upper leaf axils, perfumed. Not decorative.


The 2 - 3mm capsules green aging to pale brown are not decorative.

Bark / Trunk:

Pale creamy brown on the older stems

Vigour / Longevity:

Slow growing, long lived

Environmental Requirements:

Densest and most vigorous growth in full sun. Grows well part in sun positions, tolerates light shade all day but the growth will be thinner and less robust.


Tolerates short periods of drought, moderate frosts, neglect, second line salt, light shade, wind and pollution.

Soil / Drainage:

Hardy to most soils with at least moderate drainage, responds well to improved soils, with mulches.


Buxus make excellent hedges, tip prune regularly from a young age. Old neglected plants can be cut back hard to encourage dense suckering regrowth, which can be tip pruned to make a new dense habit.


For best growth keep this plant evenly moist, can tolerate short periods of drought.


Use high nitrogen fertilisers to encourage vigorous new growth. These plants will survive with out fertilisers once established but will be slow growing.

Pests / Diseases:

Scale insects on old neglected plants


The fine compact growth and spreading habit of this variety makes it suitable for small hedges, borders, topiary, tubs, formal gardens, coastal gardens and pollution affected gardens.



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