Clivia - - Semi-mature and mature Clivia miniata Belgium hybrids

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Clivia miniata Belgium hybrids - Clivea, Belgium Hybrid





South Africa

Plant Type:

Evergreen soft wooded perennials with fleshy roots


500mm high, the width of the clump varies with age.

Habit/ Form:

A clump of strap like leaves, with the flowers heads among the tips of the foliage.


Strap like with a pointed apex, 400 -600mm long x 20 - 30mm wide, dark green, opposite from the crown shaft.


An umbel of 12 - 20, funnelform creamy white, yellows, orange / reds and reds. flowers 70 - 80mm across, held on a flattened scape (stem), main flowering late winter to mid spring. Hybrid Cliveas are increasingly available, these plants are usually larger in size, with broader leaves and larger flowers than the species. The hybrid colour range includes: creamy white, yellows, orange / reds and reds.


A berry, green aging to deep crimson in late summer to winter. It is best to remove the developing fruits unless the seed is wanted, this will redirect plant energy into more growth and flower production.

Bark / Trunk:

Vigour / Longevity:

Slow growing, the clump is long lived

Environmental Requirements:

Morning sun and afternoon shade, or filtered shade under deciduous shade trees, less flowering in dense shade.


Not frost tolerant, tolerates poor soils, short periods of mild drought if growing in the shade and light shade all day (may not flower well in this position).

Soil / Drainage:

Prefers moist soils, rich in organic matter with good drainage and a mulch. Will tolerate any soil, even poor soils as long as the drainage is at least moderate.


Remove spent flowers and leaves.


Regular watering in spring and summer improves growth and flowering. Keep the plants drier in autumn and winter.


Feed with half strength complete fertiliser in spring, summer and autumn for best flowering.

Pests / Diseases:

Slugs and snails, sun scorch on leaves and flowers in hot positions. Mealy Bugs on neglected plants. The black and yellow Lily Caterpillar can cause serious leaf damage in some areas.


Winter gardens, flower contrast, shaded gardens, borders, ground cover, tropical effect plant, bank binder, domestic cut flower, pots and tubs. Cliveas flower well in pots and tubs when crowded.



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