Aspidistra - - Semi-mature and mature Aspidistra elatior Varegata

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Aspidistra elatior Varegata - Variegated Cast Iron Plant





Southern China, Japan, Taiwan

Plant Type:

Evergreen, herbacious, rhizomatus perennial


600mm x 300mm spread with leaves 300-500mm

Habit/ Form:


Simple, entire oblong leaf with parallel venation, creeping stem and lush leaves which arise directly from the rhizome at ground level


Rarely seen and some say unremarkable fleshy, 8-lobed cream flowers with maroon colouring on the inner surface, borne below the leaf stems and above the soilin early summer



Bark / Trunk:


Vigour / Longevity:

Aspidistras are long lived, relatively pest free reliable work horses indoors and out in temperate, subtropical and tropical zones - will be killed by frost. They thrive in dry shade and look lush and leafy.

Environmental Requirements:

Dry shade to dappled sun


It is tolerant of low light, low humidity, temperature fluctuation and irregular watering. It is best situated in a position away from direct sun to avoid leaf bleaching. Not frost tolerant, leaves will burn.

Soil / Drainage:

Good drainage is also required for optimal growth and to avoid root rot


Very little maintenance is required once established, removal of dead foliage.


Not needed once established, water pot plants sparingly. While tolerant of low moisture conditions, Cast Iron Plant should be watered during periods of drought.


Fertilisers are not usually needed. The variegated version of this plant needs fairly poor soil to retain its coloration.

Pests / Diseases:

Reasonably pest free except of some mites and scale in high humidity. Root rot on wet soils.


Container or above-ground planter; ground cover in dry shade good under trees; suitable for growing indoors; accent; edging. Plant on 12 to 18-inch centers for quick ground cover effect



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