Rhapis - - Semi-mature and mature Rhapis excelsa

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Rhapis excelsa - Lady Palm





China, Taiwan

Plant Type:

Clumping perennial palm


4m x 3-4m

Habit/ Form:

This beautiful form of clumping palm may vary in shape and size depending the room it has to grow.


Palmate leaves from 2 – 12 segments, unlike other palm varieties they have a saw- tooth at the end of the leaf margin.


The flower is borne between the new leaf sheath and stem. The inflorescence is a light pink through to white and emerges from a pale green tubular bract.


4cm rounded white fruit.

Bark / Trunk:

As the plants age the old leaves fall a way to reveal a bamboo like trunk.

Vigour / Longevity:

30-40 years

Environmental Requirements:

Full shade and filtered light, can tolerate high humidity.


Frost hardy to -5°C and can handle fairly hot weather as long as it is watered well and is protected from the extreme weather.

Soil / Drainage:

Requires plenty of water and a free draining soil.


Remove old and dying leaves.


Regular water is required.


Long-term slow release fertiliser is recommended.

Pests / Diseases:

Prone to white fly and mealy bug.


Rhapis can be used in any low light area, it is great for indoor planting. Widely used throughout the world in shopping centres and indoor gardens as mass clumped planting through to a single specimen in a pot. They are an ideal plant to fill gaps in gardens in heavy shaded areas.



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