Livistona - - Semi-mature and mature Livistona decipiens

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Livistona decipiens - Ribbon or Weeping Cabbage Palm





Coastal Queensland

Plant Type:

Evergreen tree-like soft wooded perennial - palm.


To 15 - 20m tall, to 5m wide with a straight trunk of approx 25 cm diameter.

Habit/ Form:

A tall palm with a symmetrically rounded leaf-crown consisting of up to 60 leaves that weep attractively


The 3m long leaves on 1.2m stems, which split into many segments (costapalmate) from the middle of the leaf and look like ribbons dangling from a hand-held fan. The leaves of young plants have a red tinge.


Male and female flowers appear on branching inflorescences amongst the leaves. The inflorescences are 1.5 -2m long and bear creamy yellow blooms.


The round fruit (seed) is up to 15mm in diameter and turns black when ripe.

Bark / Trunk:

The young trunk is very rough with the persistent leaf bases clasping the stem. Eventually they self clean revealing a ridged grey-brown trunk ringed with old leaf scars

Vigour / Longevity:

Vigorous and long lived

Environmental Requirements:

Handles full sun even when young. Protect from wind to keep leaves from shredding. A sub-tropical plant, growing along the edges of forests, in the protection of gullies and in swamps close to the ocean.


Tolerant of short periods of drought, reasonably cold tolerant. Can tolerate light frosts to -3

Soil / Drainage:

This palm prefers freely draining soil. It is drought tolerant but will look better and grow faster if adequate water can be provided


The palm is self-cleaning of old leaves and will require little or no pruning.


Best growth with reliable watering.


Organic nitrogenous fertilisers during the growing season will improve the growth rate.

Pests / Diseases:

Mostly disease resistant.


Its elegant form makes it well-suited to use as a specimen tree. Tropical effect plants, avenues, singularly or in small groups for their round weeping crowns and straight trunks.



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