Banksia - - Semi-mature and mature Banksia serrata

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Banksia serrata - Old Man Banksia





Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland East coast of Australia

Plant Type:

Evergreen shrub/ tree


10m x 4m (can vary depending on soil type and site conditions)

Habit/ Form:

Odd shaped plant and may change from a stunted gnarly shrub to a straight upright tree depending on conditions where the plant is cultivated.


Oblong with a saw tooth margin of the leaf.


Creamy Yellow spike of approximately 100mm wide, 150 mm long.


The cones have large protruding follicles dark grey in colour which only opens during and after fire.

Bark / Trunk:

Thick rough grey and black bark which is very resilient to fire.

Vigour / Longevity:

Grows fairly fast when young and slows up with age. Up to 50 – 60 years depending on habitat.

Environmental Requirements:

Full sun to part shade, can handle front line salt and fairly cold and warm temperatures.


Tolerates temperatures down to – 5°C. Prefers well-drained sandy soil, does not tolerate inundation.

Soil / Drainage:

Thrives in well-drained sandy soil.


Prune to shape as required.


Moderately drought tolerant once established.


Low phosphate fertilizer, preferably a native mix.

Pests / Diseases:

Susceptible to borer when young. Over watering can cause fungal problems.


Native gardens, coastal plantings, parks, gardens and street tree planting. Often used as a native screen or informal hedge.



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