Malus - - Semi-mature and mature Malus floribunda

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Malus floribunda - Japanese Flowering Crab Apple





Not known in the wild in Japan, probably a natural hybrid from China.

Plant Type:

Deciduous tree


6 - 9m x 6 - 8m

Habit/ Form:

With good early training this is a short trunked tree with a broad domed canopy, the main branches ascending, the outer branches drooping. Often shrubby as a young plant.


Alternate, ovate / elliptic, 80mm x 50mm, margin serrate, dark green turning yellow in autumn before falling.


Ruby red buds open to rotate / crateriform pink flowers that fade to white, (25 -35mm across) in clusters of seven flowers (umbels) in the upper axils. Main flowering early to mid spring.


A small rounded apple (pome) 13mm across, bright yellow, reddish on the sun exposed side in autumn.

Bark / Trunk:

Grey / brown aging to grey, with white lenticels.

Vigour / Longevity:

Moderately vigorous, long lived

Environmental Requirements:

Best growth in sunny positions with wind protection.


Frost hardy to -10°C, tolerates neglect once established.

Soil / Drainage:

Produces the best growth on fertile, moist, well drained soils. Can tolerate moderate drainage. Produces weak growth on sandy soils unless a large amount of organic matter and fertilisers are added to the soil.


Young trees can be pruned after flowering or in mid winter if the flower display is not important. Mature trees are pruned after flowering, not in mid winter. Early training is essential to establish a single trunk and well placed main branches. All cross


Water during dry summers, otherwise supplemental watering is not usually needed once established.


Apply a complete fertiliser after flowering or after pruning.

Pests / Diseases:

Powdery mildew


Flowering specimen tree, small shade tree, spring gardens, limited use as a street tree, a useful sized tree for small gardens.



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