Magnolia - - Semi-mature and mature Magnolia Heaven Scent

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Magnolia Heaven Scent - Heaven Scent





New Zealand

Plant Type:

Deciduous tree


5m x 3m

Habit/ Form:


Alternate, whorled on the spur branches, broad ovate, 150 - 200mm x 70 - 100mm, dark green, turning brown in autumn.


The large perfumed flower buds are enclosed in pubescent scales. Flowers goblet shaped (cyathiform), 120mm x 90 - 100mm, with six waxy obovate tepals, creamy white fading to pale pink , solitary on the ends of the short spur branches. Main flowering mid to late winter. (Each tree flowers for approximately 21 to 28 days)


Not seen, thought to be sterile

Bark / Trunk:

Trunk bark smooth grey brown.

Vigour / Longevity:

Moderately vigorous, long-lived.

Environmental Requirements:

Prefers sunny positions with protection from hot western sun and winds. Can tolerate part sun positions, but flowering will be reduced.


Protect from hot dry winds and late frosts.

Soil / Drainage:

Prefers well drained soils that have been improved with organic matter and a mildly acid to neutral pH. Mulch the shallow feeding roots to protect them from drying out. Be careful when weeding or digging not to damage the shallow feeding roots.


Prune after flowering, train to a single leader, then only to improve the shape, or to remove crossing branches. Remove the entire shoot, rather than just shortening it, shortened shoots tend to become stunted.


Keep moist to avoid leaf burn.


Fertilise with a complete fertiliser after flowering, until established, then only to invigorate an old plant.

Pests / Diseases:

Leaf burn occurs in hot dry areas, on saline soils, or from fertiliser salts build up in the soil. Iron deficiencies occur on alkaline soils.


Perfumed, heavily flowering contrast tree, (especially in front of dark evergreen trees), deciduous shade tree, deciduous habit contrast tree and winter gardens.



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