Fraxinus - - Semi-mature and mature Fraxinus urbanite

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Fraxinus urbanite - Green Ash





Northern America

Plant Type:

Deciduous tree


11m x 8m

Habit/ Form:

Broadly pyramidal, dense. Upright branching.


Extremely lustrous, dark green pinnate leaves with five to nine leaflets, changing to a deep bronze in autumn. The large leaflets impart a moderately coarse, but elegant, texture to the canopy.


Yellowish-green male flowers in spring. Inconspicuous.


None evident in Australia

Bark / Trunk:

Attractive grey to dark greyish-brown. Becoming ridged and furrowed with age.

Vigour / Longevity:

Moderately vigorous, long lived.

Environmental Requirements:

Sunny positions in a cool climate for best autumn foliage colour.


Tolerates low levels of drought, compaction, urban conditions including air pollution.

Soil / Drainage:

Wide range of soil types, though prefers a moist, well drained, slightly acid to pH neutral soil.


If a formal weeping habit is desired, it is necessary to control the shape of this cultivar by removing upright growing vertical and crossing branches. May require regular formative pruning for strong limb, trunk and crown structure.


Keep well watered to grow this tree vigorously to help establish a strong single leader.


Apply a complete fertiliser in late winter for spring growth till established.

Pests / Diseases:

Powdery mildew.


Street tree, shade tree, avenue tree and autumn colour contrast tree.



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