Fraxinus - - Semi-mature and mature Fraxinus angustifolia var Raywoodii

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Fraxinus angustifolia var Raywoodii - Claret Ash





Seedling variant of uncertain parentage, found in an Adelaide Nursery.

Plant Type:

Deciduous tree


15 - 20m x 10- 12m

Habit/ Form:

A single trunked narrow domed tree when young, aging to a medium domed tree.


Opposite to three whorled, imparipinnate with 7 to 11 lanceolate leaflets, 60 -100mm x 1 -25mm, margin serrate, shiny dark green, turning claret red in autumn. Does not colour as well in warm areas the leaves age to a purple black.


Of no decorative value


A yellow/ brown single, elongate lanceolate samara in upright clusters, in autumn.

Bark / Trunk:

Branchlets have olive green bark and large, felty, brown black buds. The bark on the trunk becomes rough and grey with age.

Vigour / Longevity:

Moderately vigorous, long lived.

Environmental Requirements:

Needs sunny positions and a cool climate for best autumn foliage colour.


Hardy to - 5°C.

Soil / Drainage:

Better quality soils give the best results. Although hardy to any soil with reasonable drainage and reliable water in summer.


Train to a single leader when young, then let the natural habit develop.


Keep well watered to grow this tree vigorously to help establish a strong single leader.


Apply a complete fertiliser in late winter for spring growth till established.

Pests / Diseases:


Street tree, shade tree, avenue tree and autumn colour contrast tree.



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