Ulmus - - Semi-mature and mature Ulmus pavifolia

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Ulmus pavifolia - Chinese Weeping Elm





China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan

Plant Type:

An evergreen or partly deciduous tree (sometimes d


12- 15m x 12 - 15m

Habit/ Form:

Usually a single trunked broad domed weeping tree.


Alternate, elliptic with an asymmetric leaf base, 30 - 60mm x 15 - 25mm, margin serrate, shiny dark green, some leaves turning yellow or orange / red in autumn if the specimen is partly deciduous. 'Sempervirens' - an evergreen selection, may loose some or all its leaves in extremely cold conditions.


Inconspicuous among the foliage in summer.


A samara (10mm long) with a circular, membranous wing surrounding the seed, green aging to mid-brown when ripe in autumn and winter.

Bark / Trunk:

Flaky grey / brown bark, sheds in irregular patches exposing spots of orange bark. There are two distinct forms of Ulmus parvifolia one has the characteristic shedding bark and one does not, its bark remains grey / brown all year round.

Vigour / Longevity:

Moderately vigorous, long lived.

Environmental Requirements:

Best in sunny positions with some wind protection.


Hardy to -7°C, but will loose more leaves than it would in a warmer area.

Soil / Drainage:

Prefers deep, moist, well drained soils, but can tolerate a wide range of soils provided the drainage is at least moderate.


Train to a single leader when young, shorten the longest branches to encourage a good branch pattern, then allow it to develop its natural habit.


This plant is not drought tolerant, only plant on soils with reliable moisture, this tree is too large to irrigate when mature. Water in dry weather to stop leaf burn.


Fertilise in late winter for spring growth till established.

Pests / Diseases:

Leaf burn during droughts


Shade tree, street tree, avenue tree (if clonal material is used) and group plantings for its bark.



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