Picea - - Semi-mature and mature Picea albertiana Conica

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Picea albertiana Conica - Dwarf Alberta Spruce





Discovered in 1904 near Lake Laggan, Alberta by Professors Hack and Rehder of the Arnold Arboretum.

Plant Type:

Evergreen coniferous shrub


: 1.9m x 0.9m in 20 years, may eventually reach 2 - 3m.

Habit/ Form:

A dense conical shrub, the foliage is too dense to show the branch arrangement.


Needle-like (acicular) 10 - 15mm long, pointed, light green very densely set in a spiral arrangement around the twigs. Attached to the stems by small peg-like pulvini. (Peg-like leaf stems which persistent on the branches after the leaves fall off.)



Not produced in this cultivar

Bark / Trunk:

Thin, scaly, greyish brown

Vigour / Longevity:

Very slow growing, long lived

Environmental Requirements:

Needs full sun on all sides of the plant, with wind protection. Protect this plant from harsh western sun in warm areas.


Light frosts

Soil / Drainage:

Needs a rich, high organic, moist, well drained soil with a mulch.


Rarely needed, always keep this plant to a single leader starting when the plant is very young.


Keep moist at all times this plant is not drought tolerant.


ply a complete slow release organic fertiliser in spring and again in autumn.

Pests / Diseases:

Leaf burn then heavy foliage loss if allowed to dry out, may eventually die if allowed to dry out for too long. Very susceptible to Two Spotted Mite in dry areas.


Habit contrast, formal gardens, tubs, Christmas tree, pots, tubs, rock gardens and dwarf conifer gardens.



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