Hymenosporum - - Semi-mature and mature Hymenosporum flavum

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Hymenosporum flavum - Native Frangipani





Northern New South Wales & Queensland

Plant Type:

Evergreen tree


15m x 5 - 10m, to 25m in its natural habitat

Habit/ Form:

An open erect tree with the foliage on the upper side of horizontal branches.


Alternate, oblanceolate, 120 - 150mm x40 -60mm, margin entire to slightly recurved, shiny mid green paler beneath.


Salverform, 35mm across with a 30mm tube, creamy white to yellow, sometimes with crimson streaks, in clusters on the ends of the branches (terminal corymbose panicles). Strongly perfumed. Main flowering mid to late spring.


A brown woody capsule, 30mm x 20mm, in summer and autumn.

Bark / Trunk:

Light grey brown

Vigour / Longevity:

Slow to moderate, long lived

Environmental Requirements:

Full sun (not west) or part sun, with wind protection. The branches are brittle and easily broken by strong winds.


Tolerates short periods of drought, neglect, second line salt, light shade, moderately alkaline soils and Phytophthora cinnamomi. Fire retardant plant.

Soil / Drainage:

Prefers a moist well drained soil, high in organic matter, but tolerates most soils from sandy well drained soils to periodically wet clay soils.


Train to a single leader, young plants are sometimes tip pruned after flowering to encourage denser branching and extra flowering wood.


Best on moist soils, can tolerate short periods of drought but the canopy will be thin.


Native plant fertilisers after flowering till established.

Pests / Diseases:


Shade tree, fragrant gardens, native gardens, mixed plantings with other trees for protection and fragrance, butterfly attracting tree, insect and honey eating bird attracting tree. The vigorous roots can block drains.



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